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State Directors

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 State Directors

Currently, we are in need of state directors for 44 states.  TLC will guide you through fundraising, planning and execution of the pageant.  You will be able to recruit volunteers to aid you in all aspects of this process. 

Fundraisers need to be approved by TLC.  Some examples are:  Zumba, Bingo, Bake Sale, Restaurant Nights and T-Shirt sales.  These are strictly examples and not limitations.  Please feel free to present other ideas for consideration.  If done correctly, two-three fundraisers should cover the pageant expenses. 

Fundraising covers the following:  Venue, Crown/Sash, Prizes, T-Shirts, Gift Bags, Programs as well as other incidentals.  Hair and make-up is donated the day of the pageant.  Food establishments will donate food for contestants and judges donate their time.  In addition, a dance studio will donate a choreographer.  In addition, escorts and helpers are needed.


Bank accounts need to be established for funds from fundraising to be deposited as well as for writing checks for pageant items.  These accounts need to be approved by TLC and fundraising totals need to be reported and appropriate forms need to be completed. 

Pageant day typically runs approximately 8 hours from start to finish.  Contestants will be present for approximately 5 hours.  Contestants check in and hand in their paperwork and they receive their t-shirts.  Orientation for the contestants begins the day.  Contestants learn opening number from the choreographer as well as their patterns which they can practice.  Lunch is served.  Hair and make-up is done.  The emcee will talk with contestants and get to know them before show time.  A script will be provided by TLC and can be tailored to your needs.  Each child is truly special and every child is acknowledged but there is only one Belle of the Ball crowned. 

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